Spinal MRI Second Opinion:  $99
Spinal X-Ray Second Opinion:  $99

Upon completion of your Second Opinion a written report will be emailed to you from the doctor on our team who has completed your second opinion.   Expect report with-in 7 business days but this is not a guarantee as this depends upon documents received and unrelated circumstances out of our control. No refunds will be provided.

Disclaimer:  This service should be used for additional reviews and opinion only.  This service does not intend to replace any diagnosis, treatment plan or prescription provided to you by your physician, doctor or other care taker you are currently or have in the past consulted with regarding your health diagnosis and treatment. Our doctors provide opinions, not diagnosis' or treatment plans.  All opinions provided are to be shared with and consulted with your primary doctor in person to determine your best avenue of treatment to improve your health.  This services does not replace or attempt to establish any patient-doctor relationship.  This service provides non-biased opinions on options for spinal care based off X-ray or MRI reports submitted to Second Opinion Spine Care.   This service does not replace in person consultation and or physical examination, which must be sought out individually with your personal physician or doctor of choice.