Back pain?     Neck pain?    Sciatic pain?  Chronic back pain?  Degenerative Disc Disease?  Herniated disc?  Bulging disc?  Arthritis?   Back pain surgical candidate?  Numbness or tingling?  Not sure what to do?  Who to see for help?  Our doctors review your existing x-ray or MRI reports along with a detailed health questionnaire and provide you with an honest independent opinion as to what treatment would best suit you based on our doctor's clinical experience in spinal care.

  • Spinal MRI Review
  • Spinal X-ray Review
  • Independent Spinal Care Opinion
  • Educational Tools
  • Spine Specific Treatment Recommendations
  • Independent of financial affiliation with treatment recommendations

Why choose us?

We approach every patient with a focus on integrity, compassion and understanding.  Each and every doctor provides a minimum of 20 years clinical spinal diagnosis and treatment experience to help you choose which avenue of care is best for you.  Our policy does not allow us to have any financial affiliation with your treatment of choice.

Unfortunately, many health care practitioners are obligated to recommend treatment  based on who they work for.  Many have protocols that strongly encourage internal referrals - to essentially keep the cash in house.  The beauty of Second Opinion Spine Care is that we are not obligated to recommend any treatment or care that we are affiliated with.  This means we do NOT have any financial ties to the treatment you choose based on our independent opinion. Our opinions are based on the experience of our doctors in clinical spinal practice - Each with over 20 years of experience.

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